Who is dermot mulraney dating

Plus, it's not like I wanted my ex-husband back or was jealous exactly.

Well, it turns out my friends were not exactly correct.

I didn't even know who Gavin was till I figured it out," before mentioning both My Best Friend's Wedding and The Wedding Date.

The father-of-three admitted that had he played up to his "heartthrob" status when he was younger, he'd be a "richer man".

On the two days before the actual ceremony, I did not feel strong. I hid in my hotel for most of one of the days, thinking up cutting remarks to make to my ex-husband and his date if they dared approach me (it turns out that you can take the girl out of high school but you can't take the high school out of the girl). And I got angry with myself for being a coward, and missing out on any part of this happy occasion. My ex-husband and I were married for 30 years and although not all of those years were happy ones, we shared a life and raised a family.

However, this wedding forced me to recognize that my "gray" divorce means that for every special family occasion that occurs in the future, I will have to be prepared to share it with a stranger, an outsider to the tight circle I viewed as my family.

My friends told me that I would be fine, that all my negative feelings would disappear.

I was the mother of the groom, it was a wonderful happy occasion, and I had a role to play that was meaningful.

But I never said a word to my ex-husband or his girlfriend, never quite had the courage to be gracious and even tried to avoid standing next to my ex in the wedding pictures. So, along with helping her plan her wedding, my personal wedding agenda includes a determination to greet my ex-husband and his girlfriend, assuming they are still together, with equanimity and banish all hints of sadness or mixed emotions.

One of the great lies about getting older is that it inevitably leads to wisdom or acceptance or understanding. I'm still the same person I always was (well inside, anyway), and changing my reactions will require a conscious and not inconsiderable effort. But, if you happen to know a good rent-a-date agency or if Dermot Mulroney is available, please let me know!

The actor played Gavin Mitchell - Rachel Green's temporary replacement at Ralph Lauren - and dated Jennifer Aniston's alter ego over the course of three episodes back in 2003.

"Meanwhile, Dermot is currently appearing in Pure Genius, a cutting edge medical drama about a tech titan James Bell (Augustus Prew) who enlists veteran surgeon with a controversial past, Dr.

Wallace, to run a state-of-the-art hospital."I've always taken the good jobs that have come my way - wish I could say I had a master plan - and as soon as I read the script I knew it was a great part for me and was really well-suited," he said.

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