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Who ever wrote this, e-mail me, you are a pretty good writer..write more.

A man hypnotizes a high schooler and is unaware of her twin sister that he just has to enslave too.

Very well written story with a surprise twist, I’m sure you’ll like it a lot.

There’s something about the way this student looks at Ms. All she knows is that she’s been having very very erotic thoughts about him and she can’t stop them. A girl borrows a book that has demon pictures in it and accidentally chants the words out loud and then her mom finds it and does the same. A loser nerd invents a “love” potion even cupid would be jealous of. Guy breeds flower that makes women basically his slave.

She gets fucked in her own house with her husband in the next room by a close family friend, then eventually performs her duties in front of her husband, and even has “changed” her sister from a nun to a “cock cleaner”.

Whoever this guy is who wrote this story was very talented, it’s a shame they are annonomous..Debbie begins to enjoy life more with this Demon and he helps unlock her deepest fantasies. Lovely plant story with lots of well detailed scenes. A woman gets a job at what she thinks is a clothing store as in “Humans Relations” but is turned into a “cock cleaner” instead.This is another good story with great descriptions.A woman goes to shop for clothing and listens to subliminal messages in the music playing in the dressing room.The story gets way better from there and I hope it continue to gets better.Imagine finding the secret to controlling women through hormonal drugs.

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Come see what I”ve written to it, I keep adding to it. Student invents a way to have fun with anyone he wants. I couldn’t think of anyone who would be more appropiate.

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