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If you send money as required, you will never see them again, money and a person as well.Social media burst with multiple romance scam articles and give evident facts of scamming online.But we know such cases when male customer never come to visit their beloved in Russia or Ukraine, so you have to accept this issue within communication with ladies.They will not trust you if you have shadowy intentions and aims.Let us give you a proper tips how to communicate safely on international dating sites.We decided to investigate the issue by the dating business platform of two biggest dating sites as Customer support of Uadreams is active and ready for each issue assistance, and if you have any correspondence issue (remember that all data is copied and saved on a server) you will be able to investigate it.Simply you download an app and enjoy communication with someone who feels common thing with you, a good idea, right?

Dating scammers keep their online positions by millions of fake profiles with sweet photos and personal information that will definitely make new members to pay attention to.

Whereafter men catch this hook and use such profiles to communicate but they never know if they talk to a real person.

As a rule scammers use truthful facts of members to keep the conversation line and send regular emails to a potential victim. They are passionate and attentive, tender and sweet, they pay attention to each fact and they are careful listener.

When it comes to online safety and dating sites, we like to think we know what we’re talking about.

Stitch is the only companionship site in the world that insists on identity verification for its members, and we do a lot of things behind the scenes to ensure that Stitch is free of scammers and fraudsters that most dating sites simply don’t do.

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