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Ava’s deepest, darkest fantasies include BDSM scenarios and kinky roleplay.Ava was already pretty kinky before she got into the porn biz and allegedly she had even gotten gangbanged by a bunch of guys before entering the industry, so she was well prepared for any on camera group action!Virgo MILF pornstar Ava Addams is a beautiful hardcore performer with dark brown hair.She originally comes from Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory near Spain.She started out by only doing girl/girl or solo porn scenes, after her friend Renna Ryan introduced her to the skin biz.At the time Ava had a boyfriend who didn’t want her to do hardcore fuck films with other guys, but after she ended her relationship with that jealous dude, it was open season on her tight pink pussy for any male costar that wanted to cram his cock inside her! Addams has always considered herself to be a true bisexual, so she loves doing hot lesbian scenes just as much as she enjoys having a man use her body as his personal playground.Ava likes to work with the same people over and over because they really get to know her body and learn how to make her cum for real on camera!Ava is all about authenticity and has always hated faking orgasms so in her early career she tried to avoid it at any cost and now that she has become established, she simply won’t let that happen.

When she gets fucked, Ava loves to get her neck bitten and nibbled on, and she says she is great at talking dirty.

Before getting into porn, Ava Addams was working at a doctor’s office doing medical billing.

She was living in Houston, which she loves, but she was just ready for a change.

The one thing she doesn’t share with her fans is information about her personal relationships or her family, since she would rather keep those things private.

When Ava was 18, she was a party girl, and is glad that she didn’t try doing porn then because she didn’t really know herself too well.

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On PORN.com, MILF maiden Ava Addams stars in some really hot hardcore scenes that show off her amazing tits, and her lust for hot raw sex.

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