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Lexington is home to several LGBT bars and shows like the Bar Complex that hosts drag shows, Crossings, and Soundbar.

Lexington hosts an annual pride parade during pride week and works to keep their residents safe no matter their sexual orientation.

Covington is home to several LGBT bars like the Yadda Club, the Loft Night Club, and more that are all welcoming to those that want to partake in a great time.

The Northern Kentucky Pride office is also located in Covington, and they work to help organize pride week events like parades, raffles, and more.

You can also access the Gay and Lesbian Community Center with a short commute that is also located in Cincinnati.

Richmond is a wonderful city for the LGBT community for a few different reasons.

The Campus Pride Index provides campuses the opportunity to come out as LGBTQ-friendly and take responsibility for continually improving their LGBTQ campus climate.

For starters, Richmond is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Lexington which means that those members of the LGBT community that do not want to live in the big city of Lexington may end up in a smaller city that is still incredibly tolerant like Richmond.

Richmond is often part of the Lexington Pride events that take place every year, and they do also host their own pride parades and such.

Covington is also one of seven cities in the state where LGBT residents are protected under the Fairness Ordinance that extends protections to people based on sexuality and gender identity.

This city is notorious for being out of the box and for accepting those that decide to make their home here.

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