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The longest-serving bombshell forecaster has been back on the market since she split from partner Jonathan Ahsman.And since she's been catapulted into the overwhelming dating scene she's been hurled intimate dinner and drinks invitations left, right and centre.The successful dreamers appear to be the ones who give it all they’ve got.They fight, they are diligent when they face disappointments, they get up and try again, and above all their strong “No” brings valiance to their, “Yes.” I certainly have a non-negotiable list, and if I had stuck to it a decade ago instead of compromising, I may have found more suitable partners to date in my twenties: honest, secure, lives out his faith, humble, funny and sexually attractive. No eye colour, no ‘must be the guy next door’ or stringent demands for ‘outdoorsy types.’ True love conquers all, but it comes from a place of respect, not a checklist or energy-sucking needs. ” If ‘working out for me’ or success means married with children for some, then I’m afraid we see things differently.My brain hurts from some of the hopeless banter I hear, “Good luck finding all of those things… Marriage and children are gifts, not accomplishments.Success for me is making powerful choices for the sake of my own heart, for my future children.

For the perfectionist’s list is created from a well of fear, shame and past mistakes.To settle for a relationship in which we are being misunderstood, or repeatedly broken-hearted would feel the opposite of freedom, surely?So I’m one for Russian Roulette—a gamble so great I may never find true love. Anything lacking peace, anything that doesn’t make us grow, anything buckling under the pressure of a society that settles isn’t worthy of giving our lives to. My discernment gave me a thousand warning signs of such relationships, yet I was a flexible girl who allowed men to walk all over her along with a barrage of criticism and dishonesty whilst I justified their pot habits. Am I really liking the risk of waiting for true love, with the loaded barrel of a gun in a lethal game of Russian Roulette? And just like settling for relationships that don’t really fulfill my heart’s desire, or match my character, I (metaphorically) could die.

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But what type of budding bachelors seem to be turning heads for Sian? Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Sian revealed: "I've been dating for a couple of months."Up until now my problem is that I meet a lot of people in work."I tend to meet quite young people and inappropriately young people ask me out."She continued: "It's great and it's flattering.

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