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This missionary discipleship small group resource is designed to help teenagers grow as disciples and missionaries.

Each guide will focus on a different topic in a unique way.

God chooses to reveal Himself to His people, and His revelation is recorded in Sacred Scripture so that all can come to know Him.

Ultimately, God reveals Himself in His Son, Jesus Christ.

It looks at who Jesus really is - the God who became man, died for our Redemption, and rose from the dead.

An authentic pro-life lifestyle goes beyond the babies and requires the faithful to make one consistent choice to recognize the inherent dignity of all people, and treat all people, no matter the circumstance, as people.

This Life Night series unpacks what the Catholic Church means when she says she is pro-life; specifically discussing inherent human dignity, euthanasia, the death penalty, abortion, immigration, refugees, and the poor.

Jesus’ very mission on this earth was to bring the order of redemption out of the chaos of the fall.

The goal of this retreat is to invite teens out of their chaos into a relationship with God while encouraging them to allow God to continue His creative work in them and live a life grafted into Him.

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It dispels myths that Jesus is just a good guy, who teaches us how to be good, is tolerant of our life choices, and chooses the path of least resistance.

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